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About Us

A little about our mission...

Fun. Educational. Clever.

Simply put: We love Mystery & Adventure. 

Ever since we were little kids we've enjoyed watching adventures unfold on the big screen and television. Whether, it was the fun hijinks of Scooby Doo and the Mystery Gang, the Goonies finding treasure or even more recently the kids on Stranger Things working together, we've always wanted to be in a real life adventure. 

Since adventure and excitement can sometimes be sparse and often dangerous, we thought it would be easier to bring those stories to your door step. This is why we started the Mystery Adventure Club. A club where your child can be a part of adventure and feel the excitement to solve a mystery. A club where they can feel included and connected to the world around them. Where they can help characters (albeit fake characters) with their intelligence and cunning.

Are you ready to join the Mystery Adventure Club?