Mystery Adventure Club - Code

Morse Code


Spies for many years have used morse code to contact each other and send hidden messages. This allows us to communicate without enemy organizations understanding what we are saying. Many times if we communicate in English or other languages, they can be interpreted. This is the safest way for us to ensure our message is safe.

We have translated the audio from the signal we received above and have written it as a code. In your box is a translator that you can use to solve for the message. Find out what the message reveals. We believe this will tell us the final location for 763. 

Agent 763 Transcript

Hello agents,

This is 763. For the past week I have been chased around the world by the Secret Chaotic Alliance Regime. I have discovered deeply classified government information that I cannot allow them to find. That is why I have been on the run.

I was able to slip away from their grasp here in Moscow using a smoke screen I had hidden in my kit. Our success as an agency has much been because of the secrecy of our spy-tools, and my amazing spy team which allowed me to buy just enough time to write this, and head to my next location.

The information is essential to the safety of all the countries in the United Nations. If S.C.A.R. gets ahold of it, it could be catastrophic. Attached below is a code that will instruct you how to find my next location. There is a secret ISA safe house there that only the top operatives are aware of. It is impossible to track me there, due to high-tech spy security we have in place. That is why you have to make sure S.C.A.R. does not get ahold of this box. The code will reveal the next steps in how to find me. We must act quick. Best of luck agent.