Mystery Adventure Club - Hauntedhallwaysolved

October 31st, 2018: YOU DID IT!

Thank you for helping me by solving this mystery just in time for Halloween! You helped save the party this year. I brought my flashlight, a map of the mansion and Mystery Adventure Club Vampire Detector...just in case! I have developed a plan with the party organizer to stop the witch from scaring all the guests this year. 

As soon as you sent me the information about her, I immediately contacted the host of the party, Jonathan the pretend ghost, and let him know what happened last year, and who the guilty suspect was. We formed a plan for when she arrived. 

We decided not to tell anyone else, no need to cause any sort of panic quite yet. She walked in about an hour later, dressed in the same “costume” as last year. Jonathan approached her and I quickly followed, “We know what you’ve done! I will not allow hauntings of guests at my own party! Why would you do something like this in my home?”. He asked her, while pulling her aside. 

The witch looked around the room grinning and slowly turning into complete laughter. She belted, “You know why Ghosty! I needed a distraction to take something of yours. Something that does not belong to you. And the party was the perfect distraction to take it back, but your little friend here stopped that by catching me in the in that hallway!”.

Jonathan looked confused, and the witch cackled and said “you don’t even know what you have in your possession!” She suddenly looked desperate, and began to bargain with us. She said “there is a special ingredient hidden somewhere in this mansion, many moons ago a master wizard hid it here so that it would be protected. I need this ingredient to complete my spell that will turn me back into a human. I don’t want to be a witch anymore.” 

I looked at Jonathan, and he looked at me and we silently agreed that we would help her, only if she promised to turn back into a human and never use her spells for evil again. She promised over and over, so Jonathan led us to the secret safe in the West Wing of the mansion. We walked down that cold, winding hallway but this time I felt safe. Jonathan opened the safe with a loud creak, and cleared the cobwebs. He held out a vial of gold liquid, that somehow was still shiny after years in the dust. The witch slowly took it from him, and opened the vial carefully. 

Then, to our surprise, she drank the gold liquid, and was immediately wrapped in gold smoke. We gasped, and watched as the witch that was once scary turned into a little old lady, no taller than me! She thanked us over and over, and we helped her to the door and said our goodbyes. 

Thank you, Mystery Adventure Club! Not only did you save the Halloween Party on Baker’s Hill, but you also saved a witch that didn’t want to be evil anymore! I bet if you could solve this mystery, you can solve anything else that comes your way!