Mystery Adventure Club - London

London, England


The colours of the stamps in your passport are believed to be important. Analyze them carefully and see if there's anything it can tell us about his next location.

Agent Lucy Transcript

Hello Mystery Adventure Club! ISA has informed me of your incredible work, and we thank you for your service!

We were just informed of 763 being here in London and knew we had to act fast to find him. According to our trackers, he was recently seen at Trafalgar Square looking lost. We launched our drones to try and get a view of him from above, but were unable to locate him through the crowds .

We were able to get a quick glimpse of 763 when he disappeared once more. We sprinted after where he was; frantically trying to find him, but he was lost in the mob. Upon further inspection, we saw a passport on the ground. The passport had information of his alias, as spies always must have fake identities to remain anonymous. We believe that the off-coloured numbers inside the passport will reveal the next code for our mystery adventure website. If we can decode this, the site will reveal his next location. Good luck!!