Mystery Adventure Club - Lostamuletsolved

Another Mystery Solved! Congratulations. 

You did it, Mystery Adventure Club! Once we got your message that it was the Jaguar Ritu Spirit it all started to make sense! On the floor of the cave where we found the replica amulet, there were pawprints in the mud. We followed them all the way out of the cage, and along the side of the Siseo River. We walked for what felt like forever, until the pawprints suddenly stopped. We had reached the mouth of a large cave, it was so dark inside that we couldn’t see past the opening. We both took a deep breath, turned on our flashlights and walked inside. 

The cave was cold and damp, we could barely see our feet in the darkness even with the flashlight. We kept going in the darkness until we saw a small, circular golden light shining at us from deeper into the cave. We rushed towards it, and just before I could reach out to touch it a loud growl roared through the cave, so loud it shook the ground! We screamed and jumped back, we were face to face with the Jaguar, his bright blue eyes shining at us in anger. 

We began to stutter an apology, but he spoke first in a low growl. “You are here to find your parents? Follow me”. He turned and walked further into the cave towards the golden light, we followed and saw our parents sitting in the corner! We ran and hugged them tightly. Then the Jaguar began to speak again, 

“I did not take them from you to hurt them, I simply wanted their help. For decades, the Selva Jungle has been in danger. Humans like you fly here in loud machines and cut down our sacred trees. Ritu Spirits are going extinct in this jungle because we are losing our homes to buildings! I took your parents to my cave because they seem like good people, and I wanted to know if they could help save the Selva Jungle.” 

Our mom spoke next, she agreed with the Jaguar, saying “It is so sad what we humans are doing to the animals of this jungle, we have decided to help the Ritu Spirits and use the amulet as a tool. We are going to speak to our bosses, and tell them that we can only give them the ancient amulet if they promise to stop ruining the Selva Jungle.” 

The Jaguar walked us back out of his cave, and said goodbye as we ventured back through the Selva Jungle as a family. Our parents began to make a plan to save the jungle, and told us how important it is to protect our environment. We told them how we travelled through the jungle following the clues of the Ritu Spirits in order to save them. 

We couldn’t have done it without your help Mystery Adventure Club! If you can solve this mystery, I bet you can solve anything else that comes your way.