Mystery Adventure Club - Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland


In your box is a sheet of the UN building and a message from our missing agent. Read the note, and follow along to find out the next location.

Agent 177 Transcript

Great work Mystery Adventure Club! Javier has informed me of your efforts. Welcome to Switzerland!

Our team here in Switzerland is small, and we were shocked to hear that it was 763 who had been taken by S.C.A.R.! We believe they must want something directly from his personal records that are stored here. 

I decided to head to his base, and found that it was completely empty. No files, records, desks, or anything could be found. The only thing remaining in his base was a note. The note will describe how to find his next location. We have left a pen and paper based on the description that should help locate his whereabouts. Follow the instructions carefully, and it will reveal where he will be next.