Mystery Adventure Club - Manila

Manila, Philippines


763 must have left these behind to tell us something. Take a closer look at your glasses and see why they seem to be blurry. It may tell us something important about his next location.

Agent Axel Transcript

We have an emergency, and have lost agent 763! With your work we were able to track him here to Manila, but he was intercepted by S.C.A.R.! 

As he got off the flight he was taken and put into a black vehicle. From what we know, there was a struggle and the spy glasses in your box were left behind in the parking lot of the airport.

Our agents use these to see their full surroundings. The mirrors inside allow them to follow and track people while looking in the opposite direction. An essential piece of every spy’s kit.

These belonged to 763, and we think that the glasses were not left there by accident. As a top agent, every single move must be calculated to be successful. We believe this was no different.

We’ve noticed one of the lenses can seem a little blurry. Inspect the glasses carefully. Maybe it can reveal his location.

ISA cannot afford to lose track of 763.