Mystery Adventure Club - Marrakesh

End Story: Marrakesh, Morocco

Congratulations for finding my location Mystery Adventure Club! Let me explain to you the mission I was on now that I am in a safe zone.

Recently I discovered S.C.A.R.’s plans moving forward. Our top agents have been requested to investigate, and infiltrate S.C.A.R. as undercover operatives. I was one of the ones assigned, but unfortunately my cover was blown.

S.C.A.R. was working on building new brainwashing V.R. system to use for world domination! Luckily I was able to hack into their system thanks to all of our secret spy training. I have passed on the file with all of S.C.A.R.’s information to our hack team, and we are making sure this never gets out. We cannot thank you enough Mystery Adventure Club. Your service was truly remarkable.

The International Spy Association has agreed that we will offer you the title of Official ISA Junior Agent. You have proven yourself to be an incredible spy, and you can print your certificate below this video. Congratulations, and great work agent.