Mystery Adventure Club - Newyork

New York, USA


The metal piece of your key may be able to help with revealing this clue. Maybe we can use it as a lever.

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Welcome to New York City Mystery Adventure Club! Our London team is raving about your work in solving this case. 

We recently learned that the passport found in Trafalgar Square was a copy, and is identical to the one he used to get into the United States. We know that he specifically left it behind for you to find his next location, and we are lucky that we were able to retrieve it before S.C.A.R. It is believed that their team has arrived before us, so they may already know his location, and whatever piece of classified information they want. We have to act fast.

One of our hidden spy cams in the city was able to find him driving away in a taxi. We were able to track the taxi back to the Waldorf Astoria hotel where we believe he was based out of. We cross checked his alias’ name at the concierge of the hotel, where they mysteriously gave us a car key that we believe belonged to the taxi. Something about this key must reveal where he is heading to next. We are still unaware of the information he is withholding, but it must be important. S.C.A.R. is closing in quick.