Mystery Adventure Club - Perth

Perth, Australia


The X-Rays are from various scans from airports around the world. The red one was taken in Perth, and we believe that the bags have been tampered with in transport. If we can match one item from the Perth bag to another location, we will know we our missing operative has gone.

Agent Kai Transcript

Welcome Mystery Adventure Club. My name is Kai, and I am one of the operatives for ISA here in Australia. Last night I was doing a training mission with some of our other agents, when things took a turn. 

While we were in the city, we were infiltrated by S.C.A.R. We were on a mission to train our team in Perth to notice suspicious behaviour, and potential foreign spies. This is essential as the opposition can often disguise as regular people.

During our training, S.C.A.R. agents swarmed us, and we lost one of the members of ISA. We were all split up and taken aback. In all the mess, I was unable to see who was taken, and one of our agents was gone.  

They seemed to have interest in our most elite agents. We know that they have each been working on top secret and classified missions, so they must have something S.C.A.R. wants. We cannot afford to lose anyone.

We are trained by ISA to leave behind clues if we ever cannot be found, to help other members figure out where we are. Part of this is responsible by the agent to leave behind information, part of it is us to track them and their details as best as we can. Throughout your mission in search of our operative, you will have to analyze the clues left behind to determine his or her next location.

To begin, in your box are X-ray scans of luggage that may be from our missing agent. If we can match one item in the luggage from our current location in Perth to another location  then we’ll know where our missing agent has gone.

We must act quickly, as we do not have time to lose. Good luck Mystery Adventure Club.