Mystery Adventure Club - Santastoryend

Another Mystery Solved! 

You helped Santa save Christmas! 

Here's what happened...

You did it! Thank you for saving Christmas Mystery Adventure Club! After I got your message, I was able to quickly collect those presents and put them in my sleigh to be delivered on Christmas. There was one present, the one that you sent to me, that doesn’t have a name attached to it though. That present is for you! 

Here at the North Pole, we really value people taking time to help others, and you helped solve this mystery for me! Your gift is already in the mail on its way to you. 

As for Jinxie, that mischievous elf is on candy cane wrapping duty for all of January! 

You really are the best mystery-solvers Mystery Adventure Club! If you can solve my mystery, I bet you can solve anything that comes your way! 

Happy Holidays,