Mystery Adventure Club - Santiago

Santiago, Chile


All of the objects in the box belonged to our missing agent. One of them must be able to tell us who it is.

Agent Javier Transcript

Congratulations Mystery Adventure Club. With your efforts we are now one step closer to finding our missing agent. Welcome to Santiago, Chile. We could not have been notified of the location without your service.

My name is Javier, and I work for ISA. When we got news that S.C.A.R. could be here, we dispatched all of our best agents. We went to one of our safehouses to see if they had been there. When we arrived, we found documents scattered across the floor, valuables broken, and the room dismantled. Luckily we were able to find some records of other agents who have used the safe house in the past. The agent profile sheets include where they are from, their current location, and their spy badge identification number. 

We have noticed finger-prints on the cards and believe somebody must have been snooping. If any of the prints can match one of our agents, then we’ll know where he or she is. We just have to find out who it is, and maybe they can tell us what is going on.

In the box we have left the list of our team members profiles and fingerprints. If you can cross-check them against the prints from the safehouse, we can find out who is missing, and where they currently are.