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Six Box Package (All Mystery Boxes)


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This six box package contains all boxes in the Mystery Adventure Club collection. Our first box takes place in Howling Creek. This small town has been getting strange reports about a mysterious hooded figure stealing items around time. Help Leroy find out who is behind all this by investigating disturbances, following clues and using your smarts to narrow down the subjects. Our second box takes place in the mysterious hidden isles. Here you will find the story of Captain Crimson and the islanders who are haunted by his ghastly ghost ship. Enjoy an adventure on the high seas where treasures, curses and excitement can be found aplenty! Our third box takes place deep within the hot Selva Jungle, a research team has gone missing. Help Diego and Sophia follow the clues past ancient ruins, mountains and raging rivers. Locals say that jungle spirits roam these areas and you would be wise to heed their warning. Something isn't quite right deep within this jungle and at the centre of it, a lost amulet. Our fourth box welcomes you to the International School of Mystery (ISM). Here the best children magicians are battling it out to see who the greatest stage magician will be. There's a big problem, however, someone has been tampering with all the magic shows. It's up to you to figure out which of these super talented, smart and clever magicians is the one who is guilty. In our fifth box, the ISA (International Spy Agency) is on the hunt for one of its top agents who has gone missing with some important intel. It is believed that this information could have global consequences. Travel around the globe visiting countries, chasing spies and solving an international mystery. With the sixth box, what's not to love about the carnival when it rolls into town? Don't be deceived, however, not all carnivals are the same and this one is a little different from the rest. Help us solve one of Mystery Adventure Clubs greatest adventures to date.

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