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How It Works

When you subscribe you are officially a member of the Mystery Adventure Club! You can choose to try one box or to subscribe for bimonthly boxes from 2 months to 12 months. Members will receive a new and exciting mystery directly to their doorstep. Ideal for kids ages 6-12.


Join the Club Today.

Once you subscribe your child will receive a new mystery sent directly to their door step every other month. Each mystery sent will come with its own story and own set of tools to help solve the adventure. 

Start your Adventure

The real adventure begins when your child opens the box and takes the first steps into a world of wonder. From solving clues to exploring the world around them, your mini-detective will learn to use their creativity to solve clues – all while making them the centre of the story.


Solve the Mystery

Each step holds a special clue that eventually ties the whole story together. Once they've solved the final clue, visit our website to confirm your theory, earn rewards and unlock new boxes.

"Such a unique and creative activity for kids. And there was a great parent's guide which was helpful to give them clues if needed, but still left the problem solving up to the mini-detectives. Highly recommended!"

- Kara, mother of 2

"Perfect present for birthdays, Christmas or the kid who has everything! My new go-to gift for sure!" 

- Anthony, father of 3